Pine Country Gem & Mineral Society

Deep in the Heart of the Piney Woods of East Texas

Note from the President-

June 2013

As I write this I am sitting in Lake City Colorado at 9000 ft. + enjoying

60 degree weather. I will not be able to attend the June meeting, but it
will be in capable hands as Vice-President Joe Griggs will be directing
the meeting. Be nice to him because I might have to ask him to do this

Ann James will be doing the program on how to build a black-light
box for florescent minerals. Of whom I need to remind everyone that Ann
is working hard on putting on the annual show which is coming up the
third week in August. If you haven’t gotten an assignment for you part in
putting this event together give Ann a call or ask her at the next meeting
what is it you can do to make this a successful event. The show is one of
our major money-making events and it requires the effort of every
member. We will need help in every phase from setting up, manning
booths (spinning wheel, silent auction, and food booth), front door tickets
selling, taking down and cleanup.

Also want to remind everyone that we will need rock related items for the spinning wheel and the silent auction. Get the tumblers and saws running. Our success will be that we have quality items for these events.

As a club I want to remind everyone that it is a joint effort, out of a membership of roughly 50 members we should
be able to call on at least 75% of our membership to contribute to the
event even if it is just for a few hours each day. This is one of the ways
we can relate to the Jasper community what our club is all about. Also
check out this year’s door prize, the ones who picked it out need to be
commended on the quality of this piece and anyone, rock hound or not
would appreciate it setting in their house.


See you in July